Little Canoe Creek Industrial Park Receives AdvantageSite Designation

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., April 24 – Little Canoe Creek Industrial Park in Etowah County has received an Alabama AdvantageSite designation.

The AdvantageSite program requires that community economic development organizations provide documentation specific to a proposed industrial site, including a set of standard data related to ownership/control, environmental and geotechnical conditions, and infrastructure status. Sites must also meet size, zoning and accessibility requirements.

The Little Canoe Creek Industrial Park is a 1100-acre site located on U.S. 11. The site is approximately 3.4 miles from Interstate 59 via exit 174. The site has rail on the north end of the property and is 12 miles from the Northeast Alabama Regional Airport. The site is publicly owned.

The application process was managed locally by the Etowah County Commission.

"The Etowah County Commission had a vision over ten (10) years ago to purchase and develop a megasite that could bring in a large number of high paying jobs to our citizens,” said Commissioner Tim N. Choate. “With the AdvantageSite designation from the State of Alabama and the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama (EDPA), we are now one major step closer to achieving this goal. This is indeed an exciting day."

Commissioner Jeff Overstreet agreed.

“Many hours over many years have gone into making this project a reality to this point,” Overstreet said. “The County Commission is proud to be contributing to the future prosperity of Etowah County and its communities."

AdvantageSite is a teamwork approach between the private sector and state and local governments geared toward having prepared product and materials ready for industrial prospects. The program is jointly sponsored by the Alabama Department of Commerce, Spire, Alabama Power Co., the North Alabama Industrial Development Association, PowerSouth Energy Cooperative, and coordinated by the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama. Representatives from each of the entities actively participate in application reviews and on-site visits to prospective AdvantageSite designees.

“Sites that are awarded the AdvantageSite designation do have an advantage,” said Greg Blalock, EDPA AdvantageSite coordinator. “We’re getting inquiries from other state economic development organizations that are looking at creating similar programs for a reason – they’re effective. There is value in a site having a formal designation. It is visible evidence that a site has been looked at by a third party, or in this case, multiple parties, who can confirm that essential information on the site is readily available and correct.”

AdvantageSites are featured on EDPA’s buildings and sites database, the statewide database of industrial buildings and sites used by site selection consultants, state economic developers, and companies looking to expand in Alabama. AdvantageSite is a voluntary industrial site preparedness program created in order to make the state more competitive for companies considering a location in Alabama.

For more information on the AdvantageSite program, please visit www.edpa.org/bsc/advantagesites.asp.

Little Canoe Creek Designated Alabama AdvantageSite

The Etowah County Commission on Tuesday announced that the Little Canoe Creek megasite is now designated as an AdvantageSite.

The designation from the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama provides potential incoming industries with a guarantee that the site is ready for major industrial use. That includes a detailed inspection of everything that a large company would rely on, including utilities, rail and highway access, down to the geological soundness of the land for the construction of a major manufacturing site. Qualifications also include proof of acreage and aerial surveys.

Achieving the approval has been a lengthy process, with construction firm Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood performing more than 50 bores into the ground to test for soil stability and overall land quality on the 1,100-plus-acre site last March. By September, the commission started meetings with the EDPA about the designation.

Little Canoe Creek Designated as Advantage Megasite

GADSDEN, Ala. (WBMA) — The effort to attract a large employer to Etowah County continued Tuesday when the Etowah County Commission announced the Little Creek Canoe site was designated as an Advantage Megasite.

The announcement is the end of a decade-long effort to purchase the 1,100 acre property, survey the land, gather soil samples and lay down the power and internet lines that make it as ready as possible for a large business to purchase the site.

"This is a great day but it's not over yet," said county commissioner Larry Payne.

Now the wait begins. The site, located off I-59 in the southwest corner of the county, will become one of a handful of megasites the State of Alabama will be able to offer as potential landing spots for large employers.

Leaders in Etowah County watched earlier this year as Huntsville announced a Toyota-Mazda plant would be built at a similar megasite. While the initial reaction was perhaps disappointment, county commissioner Jeff Overstreet saw it as an opportunity.

"We weren't ready yet to do that but it equally was very encouraging to us because we realized at that point if we get something like that ready then we've got the potential to attract something like that here."